Sunday, May 17, 2009

Interesting days ahead

Finally, it is over. The verdict of people of India is out, and in favor of ruling Indian National Congress, if you believe in numbers. The media and the business sector rejoiced at the outcome of the election. The business groups are high on their expectations of fast-paced reforms, and media is happy that lefts are kept out of remote-control the policy decisions.

The new government is yet to be formed: in last 24 hours we did not hear from the departing officials, most of whom will reestablish themselves in the new government, about the expectations of people of India and how they will proceed to fulfill those. A couple of issues are really burning, and I am curious to see how the new government address them.

Number one on the list is terrorism. Post 26/11, we are fortunate that we did not see more terrorist attacks, but you live in fool's world if you believe all terrorist outfits have shut down their operations. In fact, the left-extremist insurgent groups displayed their strength in first round of the polling, killing dozens, and the threat they pose to the nation is no way smaller than that originates from outside borders. None will be surprised if it is revealed that they extend support for each other. The exiting government, during most of it term, failed to address the issue boldly, thanks to their home minister. In their current term, people of India does expect bolder moves from them. The government can not be complacent that since BJP is out, terrorism is non-issue.

Number two is definitely climate control. Most of our leaders are blessed with the ignorance on how fast the world's climate is changing, and the danger of climate change. India is still a developing country, and it does not have enough resource to battle the impact of climate change. You can not sit back and blame the developed countries for climate change. In the course of fast industrialization, we have to be careful that it will cause least impact to the climate. Till now we do not see any fundamental plan laid out by the government or key action during its previous term. I believe it will be too late in 2014 if they continue to be equally unresponsive to this issue for their current term.